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plastic pallet PVC pallet for interlocking brick machine

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plastic pallet PVC pallet for interlocking brick machine

A Plastic Aluminium Composite Pallet reinforced with Fibres & Cross Linked Polymers (XLP).

Extended service life of more than 3 years

Buy back option available in 6mm to 25mm thickness any dimension as per customer requirement

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Specially designed for use in manufacturing of Fly Ash Bricks,CLCC Foam Bricks,Bricks Stacking Pallets,Paver Blocks,Trolley Pallets

An Eco-Friendly Substitute of Plywood & Wooden Pallets


Water Proof

UV Resistant


Durable, Easy to clean

Will not crack

Deform Degrade


Longer Services

Note: Pallets life is minimum 7 to 10 years (may be more).

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