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What is the production of concrete brick pallets material

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Traditional concrete brick pallets are generally plastic, metal, composite wood materials. Metal material is very wear-resistant, which is its advantage, but the disadvantage of metal materials is heavier, which also resulted in inconvenient handling, a direct increase in the amount of labor and reduce production efficiency, the average manufacturer will not use.

02.jpgIn the production of unburned brick, concrete tile support plate as an auxiliary production equipment wear is relatively large, unburned concrete slab brick production capacity is relatively large, and the use of the frequency is relatively Dense, if you do not maintain the concrete brick pallet, no matter how good the quality of the concrete brick pallet will be quickly worn, resulting in shortened life expectancy of the concrete brick pallet, thus resulting in increased production costs, maintenance of concrete bricks Pallet to extend its useful life is very important.

In the use of plastic, composite wood made of pallet, although the usual wear and tear is inevitable, but in the production process, the manufacturer will bear on the load-bearing capacity of concrete tile bearing a load-bearing specimens, the load-bearing Within the range, to prevent unnecessary wear and tear, fracture, bump. For the brick process also have to control the humidity, because of its humidity for the concrete brick pallet is influential, reasonable humidity is to extend the useful life of the pallet.

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