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What need to know buy concrete block pallets

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What need to know buy concrete block pallets

Most customers buy bricks before the board, you need to master the basic knowledge, if you do not understand anything to buy Mianshao brick pallets, then the quality can not guarantee. Here are some of the following:

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1. Patch a single product lighter, because the general board through the human, especially 6-15 above the brick machine pallet, pallet board larger, requiring about 8 kg in weight. If the weight of the board will increase the workers, so that increased human wages.

2. choose a kind of easy to Peng Peng, and some pallets products with the first half, when the sale is 25mm, the results became 26,27,28,30 mm ranging from the pallet.

3. choose a one-time durable, at least within a year no bad, no broken phenomenon.

4. Choose a kind of board wear-resistant, and some bamboo products easy to surface like hair hair things.

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