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great tips to choose the best brick machine pallets method

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5 great tips to choose the best brick machine pallet

What kind of brick machine pallets, is the best choice? PVC brick pallets for block machine are brick-free equipment in the production process of brick-free auxiliary equipment. Is a low-quality consumer products, but the total investment of about half of the equipment, in the choice of brick machine tray, the main need to consider the following:
the pvc pallets for grass bricks

(1) choose the board wear-resistant, and some bamboo products easy to like the surface of the same thing;

(2) choose a one-time durable, at least within a year no bad, no broken phenomenon;

(3) election resistance to strong, easy to break; if used for a few months or six months on the broken, although you can change, but the back and forth toss is not a thing.

(4) choose a kind of easy to Peng Peng, and some pallets when the product is bought 25mm, after the use of six months later, it becomes 26,27,28,30 mm specifications ranging from the pallet.

(5) pallets a single product lighter, because the general board through the human, especially 6 or more brick machine pallet, pallets larger board. A single product light, will be in your production process, effectively reduce labor costs.

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