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How many kinds of cement brick pallets

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How many kinds of cement brick pallets

I believe we all know that the cement brick pallet cementing brick production process is now ancillary equipment, if you buy a poor quality brick pallets, the use of the future will be deformed, or even broken, only Can buy again. The general requirements of cement brick pallet life of more than three years, such workers

Art simply can not meet the production requirements. The pallet is cement brick in the manufacturing process a large amount of auxiliary equipment, so poor quality pallet caused a lot of money wasted. Here is a brief introduction to you how many kinds of cement brick pallets?

PVC block pallets, brick pallets At present, there are five types of cement brick pallets, ten varieties:

First, solid wood high pressure composite pallet;

1, solid wood high pressure pallet;

2.PF solid wood composite pallet.

Second, wood wear steel pallet;

1, pine wear steel pallet;

2, Metasequoia wear steel pallet.

Third, multi-layer composite pallet;

1, pine multilayer pallet;

2, bamboo multi-layer pallet.

Fourth, PVC pallet

1, PVC laminated pallet,

2, PVC extrusion pallet,

3, PCV extrusion pallet.

concrete block machineFive, scrap construction template nail made pallet;

There are currently five types of cement brick pallets, ten varieties: I believe you have a certain number of cement brick pallets have a certain understanding, For more online consulting customer service.

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