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Cleaning brick pallets can improve the quality of cement bricks

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Cleaning brick pallets can improve the quality of cement bricks

In recent years, with the rapid development of the construction industry, the red clay brick machine has been unable to meet the needs of the society. And the brick - free machine can meet the needs of the construction industry and the market. At the same time, both the price of raw materials and the cost of use are very low. This lets a lot of brick factory see the prospect of brick - free machine. Join the ranks of fire - free brick machines. But the brick - free machine is not bought back everything is good, the brick - free machine in the use of the process also needs to strengthen attention. For example, the mould and supporting plate of the brick - free machine need to be cleaned regularly.

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Under normal circumstances, when the brick - free machine is operating, there will be no material adhesion to the mold and plate. But in the daily production, still need to pay more attention to baking-free brick machine plate and mold clean and dry, otherwise it is because of material residual accumulation cause molding effect is reduced greatly. It is easy to replace the bracket of the brick - free machine, and it is easy to buy and install.

Want to let investment avoid burning brick machine to create high profit accordingly, need to maintain regularly in use process, avoid any breakdown to come out

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