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which categories brick pallets in market

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the brick pallet have seven categories, more than 10 varieties

1, solid wood composite high-pressure baking-free brick pallet; 

2 baking-free brick, solid wood wearing steel pallet; 

3, multi-layer composite baking-free brick pallet; 

4, PVC plastic baking-free brick pallet; 

5, old building templates made of nail baking-free brick pallet; 

6, black slag synthesis baking-free brick pallet. 

7 baking-free brick, steel pallet

1)solid wood composite pallet high compression has two kinds: baking-free brick natural curing pallet&Baking-free brick high temperature steam curing pallet

2)wearing steel wood pallet have two kinds: 1, pine reinforced baking-free brick pallet wear; 2, Chinese fir, and miscellaneous wood reinforced baking-free brick pallet wear (paulownia, miscellaneous wood, etc.).

3)multilayer composite pallet has two kinds: 1, pine multi-layer pallet (wood plastic board); 2, bamboo glue pallet layer (bamboo pallet, bamboo veneer).

4)PVC pallet has 3 kinds: 1, PVC laminated pallet, 2, PVC extrusion pallet, 3, PCV extrusion pallet.

5)the old building pallet made of nail pallet.

6)black slag brick pallet plate (popular name: plastic board, plastic pallet, etc.).

7)steel pallet

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