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Where to buy the good quality brick pallets for block machine

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Where to buy the good quality brick pallets for block machine

Quanzhou Enyi company main products: PVC PVC plastic board, PVC board, PVC chemical anti-corrosion plate, PVC plate, plastic plate, hollow bricks, cement brick, block, plate, coal plate, fire prevention board templates, building templates, soft PVC board, PVC wire, etc.

Product thickness 1mm - 40mm

Colors are usually grey, black, white, etc. Other colors and sizes can be customized.PVC pallets  concrete brick palletsPVC non-sintering tile feature: not open, not cracking, not absorbing water, not deformation, resistant to impact, high temperature, more than 6 years of service life, and can be recycled and reused. This greatly reduces the brick cost, is the domestic more ideal brick machine special board.


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