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How much is the PVC Pallets of brick machine per cubic meter?

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How much is the PVC Pallets of brick machine  per cubic meter?

Brick machine Pallets is the auxiliary equipment to hold up the brick embryo in the production of brick machine. The brick machine bracket is divided into different materials. Vitreous steel brick machine support plate, solid wood brick machine support plate, bamboo brick machine support plate, plastic brick machine support plate, steel brick machine support plate, rubber brick machine support plate, composite brick machine

PVC Pallets block machine pallets

What kind of material and quality do you choose? For example, the price of plastic support plate is low, but it will be broken after several times of use. The quality of bamboo and wood support plate is better, because the strength of bamboo itself is high, good toughness. Use it longer. You can ask the template manufacturer for details. You can search to understand or go to the manufacturer under real investigation. I hope it will help you.

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