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How to identify the quality of plastic pallets

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How to identify the quality of plastic pallets

PVC plastic  pallets, the new PVC resin powder market, the lowest price of 7600 yuan a ton, the old PVC plastic market sales price of 2600 or so, the old PVC is also broken to destroy, after grinding but also add 20% of the new material and then Produced into finished products. But the market of PVC brick pallets only sell 3300 yuan a ton. Some manufacturers in order to compete for the market only sell 3,000 yuan - tons. Before the PVC brick pallets per cubic weight is 1600-1700 kg, and now brick pallets are 1800-1870 kg or so. Prices rise, staff salaries rise, but the product prices did not rise, which manufacturers how to do it? Only for parallel imports. Do you want to have good quality products to the user's hands? Some bosses are looking for brick pallets, not in terms of quality, and when the price depends on the main brick factory owners are too high heart, that is good and cheap, familiar fish and bear's paw is Can not have both.

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Each product is the law of the market price, and even the capital is not a foreign product, how can a good product. Where there is after-sales service? There is also the seller to the mouth of your mouth to say, simply do not make a clear division on the contract, the purpose of the buyers put in, earn money to say.

After-sales service is a product quality commitment to customers, is the brand value of this product brand, why products have a brand, it is the product and product line, is a manufacturer of a customer position. A product sold out, if not a good after-sales service, especially if you are not promised to be honored customers, which is your buyers want to lose after a big loss.

Some manufacturers in the sale of Mianshaozhuan pallets when irresponsible blowing: some also said to be able to use 10 years, to say which brick factory owners are drunk, heart flowers exposed. But their own products from the quality of the problem, began to find the user's topic, and repeatedly shirk. The boss of the brick factory you expect the higher, the greater the despair.

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