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How much money a piece of PVC plastic pallets price

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How much money a piece of PVC plastic pallets price

PVC plastic pallet is a new non-burning brick pallets, with high strength, impact resistance, shock, no water, no deformation, no cracking, long life, and recyclable characteristics of the traditional pallets Steel pallet and bamboo pallet, steel pallet cost is high, heavy, easy to carry, and bamboo pallet easy to absorb water, deformation, cracking, short life, and the emergence of plastic pallets just added Board of products in this field is blank.

The company specializes in the production of brick machine pallets, Mianshaozhuan pallets, hollow brick pallets, cement brick pallets, pad pallets, Caizhuan pallets, bread brick pallets, concrete blind brick pallets, , Pavement brick pallets, slope protection brick pallets, trail brick pallets and other brick-free brick.

Enyi PVC block machine Bracket is an indispensable tool for the production of Mianshao Brick. The traditional pallet is a steel pallet and bamboo pallets. The steel pallet is costly, heavy and easy to carry. Bamboo pallet easy to absorb water, deformation, cracking, short life. Based on the above, I took the lead in the development of a new pvc plastic pallets, put on the market since the brick-free plastic pallets were long-term use of brick factory.

  Enyi PVC plastic pallets have the characteristics of smooth and smooth surface, anti-corrosion, high impact, high strength, non-absorbent, no deformation, no cracking, long service life, recyclable and so on. The user's praise.

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