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How to choose the plastic pallet for cement brick impact brick machine brick

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 For the production of brick quality is good or bad, not only need to choose a good host equipment hollow brick machine equipment, for the production line of auxiliary tools is also very important, such as molds and pallets, etc., we know the quality of mold for brick The quality of the quality of this is a direct impact, and for the pallet is the same, if the quality of the pallet is not good enough to play out of the brick body shape will be very easy to damage, so choose the quality of the pallet Good or bad is also crucial.

Cement brick machine production needs PVC brick machine pallet selection is essential, how to choose the pallet? Do not look at the manufacturers on the table manufacturers introduced their products. Telephone consultation do not just listen to the board manufacturers said their products. Do not look at the information on the pallet manufacturers to post. According to their own needs, the manufacturers of products for analysis, a comprehensive evaluation, and then to the factory site visits, and finally selected a suitable for your needs, the most cost-effective to avoid burning brick machine board.

Good brick machine pallet basic standards should be: durable, wear-resistant, high temperature, high pressure is the most basic choice of our choice. Master the brick machine tray to buy the method to avoid the brick machine board selection errors, will allow us to choose the most suitable for their own hollow brick machine tray. How to choose a cement brick machine pallet 


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