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Why PVC pallets are deformed on block machines

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Why PVC pallets are deformed on block machines

        As the PVC pallet block machine pallet is also easy due to the two sides of the board due to different moisture content caused by uneven moisture content caused by PVC pallets brick pallet deformation. However, if the glue between the pallets and the substrate of the PVC pallets has a certain degree of elasticity and plasticity, it can partially or completely compensate for the stress caused by the difference between the two properties, thereby reducing the PVC pallets The deformation.

PVC pallets for concrete blocks

First, the cause of warping

1, improper adhesive ratio.

2, hot pressing conditions improper.

3, the surface and the back of the paste on the PVC pallets brick pallet asymmetry.

4, PVC pallets block machine pallet water content, dry shrinkage.

Second, take measures

1, to reduce the amount of urea-formaldehyde resin glue, so that the soft layer, to improve the hot-pressing conditions.

2, after the level of hot pressing. And press the weight, PVC pallet brick machine tray fiber direction parallel to the substrate shrinkage, wetting the direction of small.

3, stickers, PVC pallets block machine tray as much as possible squeeze, the central part of a little loose.

4, to reduce the PVC pallet block machine pallet moisture content, and make it even.

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