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How to produce PVC plastic pallets for block making machine

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How to produce PVC plastic pallets for the block making machine

      PVC plastic pallets for the quality of the quality of the machine is good or bad depends on the use of materials, to understand the quality of brick machine tray first to understand the production process to see how this plastic brick pallets tray is done. 

pvc pallets price  china plastic pallets for block making machine   Today, Enyi Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Xiaobian to explain to you the structure, plastic pallets are multi-layer structure by a high temperature and high pressure forming, a variety of materials are integrated into each other, never cracked, layered, the middle layer of thermoplastic A small amount of bamboo, wood chips and chemical additives from the mixture, the two surface by the glass fiber cloth as the skeleton of the plastic plate, through hundreds of user practice proved that the product is the best alternative to traditional pallets. Life of more than 5 years. Plastic pallet is mainly used for Mianshaozhuanji, for drying cement brick, drying cement brick can be palletizing. Is free pallet block machine essential supplies. Enyi PVC plastic pallets for the block making machine manufacturers http://www.pvcpallets.com 


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