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What type of plastic pallet is provided to the block making machine

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What type of plastic pallet is provided to the block making machine

 Can be associated with the brick machine brick machine pallet which? In addition to the mobile type does not require the need for pallets, the pallet is now used for the block machine. A material of the pallets, must be uniform thickness, the only way to ensure that the production of cement brick height of the same, and all the surface of the brick must be flat, can not appear bump, rugged phenomenon. But the life of this pallet is not long, if the maintenance of good, you can use a little more than a year.

PVC pallets for cement brick

 In order to improve the life of brick machine pallet products, there is a new type of pine board on the market made of pallets made of steel, although this one-time investment is relatively large, but the service life is three times the ordinary pallet, And after use, the rebar can be recycled, is also a good kind of pallets.

Plastic pallet is now widely used in a kind of pallets, machine production, the thickness of each brick thickness are the same, more uniform, and each brick life is very long, you can use for more than five years, And this block machine tray can be recycled, you can re-use, the overall calculation of a board of investment is only slightly more expensive than the board, is a more cost-effective investment.

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